Holistic Spirituality

Islam is a holistic spiritual path that involves the Mind, Body, and Soul. On the level of the mind, there is the subject of belief (aqeeda). Our belief is the context of our lives—it is what gives our lives meaning. Through belief, we understand where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. By understanding both the key tenets of our faith and why we believe in them, we are able to give our lives meaning and purpose. On the level of the body, there is the subject of right action (fiqh). The most beneficial knowledge a person can obtain is knowledge related to how to properly worship one’s Lord, for worship is not possible without the knowledge of right action. The  essentials of worship include faith, purification, prayer, fasting, alms to the poor (zakat), and central points related to everyday life. On the level of the soul, there is the purification of the self, known as Sufism (tasawwuf). This involves studying  the blameworthy traits of the heart and how to remove them, the praiseworthy traits of the heart and how to nurture them, and the fundamentals of developing virtuous character (akhlaq). These subjects have traditionally been transmitted from heart to heart in each generation. Links to various teachers are listed to the left.